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Hunter Allen is a singer and songwriter from Oblong, Illinois and is now based in Los Angeles, California.  Hunter’s Jazz/R&B baritone voice is smooth and rich like a fine red wine; a classic, soulful and “oaked” vintage, yet presented in a modern attractive package.  With elements similar to that of Hozier, Sam Smith and even subtle harkens of Mel Tormé, Hunter Allen’s velvet tones are very palatable to all connoisseurs of soul-filled music. 

Just 24 years old, Hunter Allen's originals evoke the sentimental emotions of a much older, world-wise soul.  His song “LA River" is set to be a flagship classic; marrying masterful songwriting skills with stirring vocals.

From humble beginnings performing “Somewhere Out There” in his third grade classroom to reaching new heights as a solo artist and a lead member of the acclaimed vocal jazz ensemble, “One Voice” Hunter Allen has perfected his unique Jazz/R&B fusion sound by captivating an array of audiences throughout the world.

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